List of making money online.

There are several ways of making money online. But the main purpose is just to attract as much as attention as you can. That is what marketing is all about.
Either you are into blogging, tutoring, copywriting online, translations, photo editing, movie editing, website developing, into SEO, linkbuilding etc. If you cannot manage to attract visitors the one way or the other then you are worth nothing ( in the online business world that is, or in the google world). So it is we are back in elementary again. When you like someone or dont like someone we always try to attract attention. Atleast I was…. I don’t about you guys… so what is the best way to do so? make your shizzzle interesting. Give them some real advice based on real experience. People will get to you if you just telling stuff not from the heart… at least I can notice if you do so………….. but i can only speak for myself now. So what Im going to do is to do some research on other blogs… on money making blogs………………try to score a link over there…….. also….. i dont know how much articles i am targetting per month to publish but we also have the option to hire a writer…….. by the way if you do want to hire a writer… pls feel free to contact me.. i am really very cheap you can check it out on and look for my account for some references… you can also check out some posts I posted yesterday for some references… by the way that website is also a nice way to earn some cash online…

alright so I have to find some websites that are high in the page ranking… google appreciated those links more………… can check the PR of a website in google… just search in google… and you will find you answer…

goodluck 2 us!!!!


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